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Among the 23 national consortia reviewed and officially recognised by the Ministry of Education and Universities, CINSA, National Interuniversity Consortium for Environmental Sciences, is the only association dealing with environmental sciences.

The consortium was originally inspired by the 1933 Royal Decree no. 1592. As regards universities, the Decree obliged them to promote the forming of consortia in order to manage the initiatives and to make Universities and Institutes work in the best and most efficient way.

Unexpectedly, this constraint was felt as an opportunity by some of the Italian Universities, among which Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, that in our country have distinguished themselves by their well-established and certified experience in the field of scientific environmental research.
In 1996 five universities, Bari, Bologna, Milan, Parma, and Venice, founded an organisation whose aim was to satisfy the most advanced requirements of environmental methodological and interdisciplinary study. CINSA deals with environmental issues availing itself of a highly advanced cultural approach which differs from traditional methodologies.

CINSA offers a scientific network of scholars and operational units able to understand interactions between different environmental components as well as their specific features, providing exchanges of views and an efficient coordination of research programmes.